How will you know if the solutions you are using are effective and reliable? To keep up with the rapidly revolving world of technology, you will need a solution provider that can easily adapt and deliver results.

Equipped with both competent workforce and steadfast tools, AWTG is your go-to partner when it comes to making sure all your needs are served. All our products and solutions are verified by our existing clients to be effective whether it is from Engineering services to Software solutions and keeps up date with fast-changing technological advancement.

AWTG has created a set of principles to reach the client’s expectations:

Experienced engineering team with experience of the region.

Proven processes and methodologies in the region and globally.

Advanced Tools, Measurement and Monitoring Systems that are right fit for each project or provided system vendors.

Automation and Expert System such as Automated Planning, Automated Optimisation, SON, CEM, Service Quality Assurance and others.

AWTG’s UDWA and AI for full automation of data collection, measurement, monitoring, reporting, alerts and notifications.

Expertise Support from other AWTG experts globally.

Effective Project and Program Management ensuring that the project runs smoothly, all commitments and deliverables are met.