AWTG has worked with various cities in developing their Smart City infrastructure using 5G, Wi‑Fi and other IoT connectivity technologies. We have been helping cities prepare for the connected future by delivering resilient smart city networks since 2011.

AWTG continues to develop various Smart City use cases using its UDWA platform as a basis, as UWDA supports data from any sensor and actuator using any connectivity technology. Available use cases extend from shopping to emergency response, such as:

Indoor Navigation and Proximity Advertising

Get sub metre-level accuracy indoors and generate more revenue by providing time-limited offers to mall visitors.

Smart Aritficial Intelligence-Tracked Assets

Tracking of assets such as wheelchairs equipped with sensors.

Smart Smoke and Fire Detectors

Early warning sensors that are connected to both centralised systems and user devices wirelessly.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions in air, on water and on land, to ensure healthy and happy residents and visitors.

Smart Waste Management

Use of fill sensors and AI-managed collection and waste disposal.

Connected Street Lights

Streetlights that provide more than lighting and can be used for traffic management and surveillance.

Smart Footfall Monitoring

Manage human traffic during large-scale events, and in busy hubs, to ensure safety, security and revenue generation.

Early Warning Systems

Deploy a combination of sensors correlated with environmental conditions and weather patterns proactively, to predict impending disasters and give adequate warning to avoid loss of life and damage to property.

Rapid Emergency Response

Deploy Al-controlled drones to respond to emergencies ensuring that first responders are fully equipped to tackle any situation before they reach the emergency location.