Software Development

AWTG develops cloud-based application platforms and mobile apps that clients can purchase ‘off the shelf’ and have configured just for them, and it develops bespoke solutions tailored specifically to the needs of a particular client. Our innovative solutions help clients achieve their goals and deliver new or existing services in ways that improve service quality and/or reduce cost.

AWTG provides software development services to the public sector for both off-the-shelf and bespoke software. We are ISO27001 certified, and we typically host our solutions in Microsoft Azure Data Centres in high availability and highly resilient environments. Our solutions are supported by comprehensive service management processes and SLAs.

Our software engineering service has delivered solutions for national governments, regulators, cities and various other institutions. Our recent public sector projects include the development and implementation of secure and reliable software for smart cities, immersive tourism, e-commerce, smart education, grass-root development, youth organisation and government institutions.

You can find AWTG on the following CCS Frameworks: RM6193 and RM6094

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